Putting Passion to Work

Growth mindset over matter.

Would you say you’re passionate about wide-format digital print? What about your career within this industry? Are you traveling to events and tradeshows to learn about new developments and trends in the market? Are you attending webinars in order to be the best at your job? Are you staying up to date with resources (like Big Picture) geared toward your shop’s evolution?  

“Passion and a growth mindset will further your career more than your skillset.” I overheard my boyfriend, Ryan, an industrial psychologist, say this to a mentee. The gentleman he was speaking to was looking for advice on a potential profession change. He was taking steps to obtain the required skillset for the new gig, but he already had the passion and the growth mindset. According to Ryan, he was prepared in ways many people aren’t.

Passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion. It’s the feeling of pride and excitement when a new project comes in, requiring out-of-the-box and creative thinking. One that you just can’t stop talking about.

A fixed mindset means you tend to believe your skills, abilities, and talents are complete. No teaching this old dog any new tricks.

A growth mindset is the opposite. It means you can expand basic skills through vulnerability, education, and hard work. Think of the entry-level press operator who mastered their craft, fell in love with the trade, went on to learn the ins and outs of the business, is now a C-level executive, and continues to seek new ways to improve. 

Elemental expertise and knowledge of the trade can get you in the door and establish credibility, but what keeps you in the building and also accelerates your position in the business? Are you invested, interested, happy? Are you willing to go the extra mile? Can the same be said about your employees?

As we settle into 2019, I encourage you to ask yourself these questions. Remember, passion and a growth mindset don’t equate to workaholism. But we tend to spend more time at our jobs than our own homes, especially if we’re on the road. (See our event recaps here.) Make sure you and your employees are passionate about learning, willing to identify blind spots, and striving for growth. That skill you learned 20 years ago – is it still a best practice? Now’s the time to find out.

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