Aslan Launches SL 96 Anti-Graffiti Film

Guards against graffiti for up to 5 years.

Big Picture

Aslan SL 96 fi lm from Aslan Schwarz GmbH can serve as both an anti-graffi
ti fi lm and a memo-board.

Designed as premium anti-graffiti film for public facilities, waiting rooms, schools, and other applications, Aslan SL 96 is designed to guard all surfaces against graffiti for at least 5 years. A special coating allows colors to be wiped off without leaving any residue.
In addition, the film can serve as an individually designed memoboard. Using a white-board marker, end users can write over the print and then wipe it off with a dry cloth without any residue. Applications include staff or resource plans, dispatching and material planning, daily-changing menus in restaurants, etc.

Sizes: Available in 54-in. widths and
in 82- and 164-ft. lengths; thickness is
50 microns (0.002 in.).


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