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Aurora’s New Act II SP and Twill SP Textiles

The company has also been named a member of the HP Registered Latex Developer Program.

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Aurora Specialty Textiles Group has added Act II SP and Twill SP to its Northern Lights Printable Textiles collection. Specially pre-treated to yield excellent color pop and line definition while maintaining the fabric’s soft hand, both fabrics are compatible with latex and UV-cure print technologies as well as solvents. Prints produced with latex inks will rival dye sublimation, the company reports. Both styles are excellent choices for retail soft signage, indoor and short term outdoor banners, window graphics, exhibits, and other applications. Act II SP is is made of 100% recycled plastic drink bottles. Both new textiles are available in widths from 60 to 122 in.

In other Aurora-related news, the company has been named a member of the HP Registered Latex Developer Program (RLDP). In this program, HP partners with media vendors in order to fully optimize the compatibility between HP printers, HP Latex inks, and third-party media. Nine products from Aurora’s Northern Lights Printable Textiles collection have been tested and certified for use, the company reports. In addition, iMidia Digital Technologies (thinkmidia.com) has joined the company’s distributor network.


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