Beyond the Print Work

Harlan Graphics goes beyond its EFI Vutek PressVu for client marketing campaign.

Big Picture

Cincinnati-based Harlan Graphics provided US Bank with one-call simplicity for a marketing rollout to all US Bank locations. 

For US Bank’s “US Serving You” marketing campaign, Harlan printed 1100 “transparent” 24 x 24-inch window graphics onto Clear Focus Classic Vue perforated window vinyl using its EFI Vutek PressVu UV 320/400 FC+ printer. 

But printing was just the beginning of the job. In addition, the company obtained the proper individual shipping tubes, developed and printed custom installation instructions, and even sourced the squeegee needed for proper install. 

Because the assembled kits would be inventoried, Harlan applied part-number labels to each kit and shipped everything to a distribution site in St. Louis, where the kits are stored until ordered by US Bank branch offices across the country.

Harlan Graphics

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