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Casual Graphics digitally reproduces Brian Jarvi’s artistic ode to Africa.

Big Picture

Artist Brian Jarvi’s massive painting was inspired by decades of expeditions to Africa. Featuring 211 animals, the visual compilation of those journeys, African Menagerie, was on traveling exhibit when Jarvi determined it might be useful to have a more manageable version of his 14 x 32-foot, seven-panel work of art. 

To scan and reproduce the painting, Christopher Glassman, general partner at Casual Graphics in Hays, Kansas, says they removed each panel from the custom display cabinet at the museum where it was showcased. The sections were then transported to the shop’s capture studio and meticulously scanned using Phase One PowerPhase FX II equipment. The images were printed using a Canon ImageProGraf Pro-6000 onto LexJet Sunset by Fredrix Matte Canvas with LexJet Sunset Satin Coating. The first 8 x 18-foot reproduction (pictured) was displayed at a tradeshow and later sold. It now hangs in a castle in Switzerland, Glassman says. The shop reprinted African Menagerie for other uses, as well, including a book.

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