Bust a Move

Printed dance floors add party pizazz.

While many wide-format PSPs aim to become one-stop shops for all their clients’ printing needs, other graphics companies instead zero in on a specific market or clientele, like Houston-based Inkredible Dance Floors. The specialized shop provides custom dance floors for events nationwide like weddings, quinceañeras, birthday parties, and more. In two years, the PSP has printed more than 500 projects.

“Being that I’m not a normal print shop, I have hundreds of relationships with wedding planners and décor companies. Those individuals work with me every weekend to create spectacular graphics for their clients and events,” says Inkredible Dance Floors’ Faheem Smith. Recent projects include wedding floors featuring elegant shimmering monograms and marble graphics plus more intricate floral prints and geometric designs, a restaurant floor wrap with cartoonish imagery, and even a baseball diamond-themed Bar Mitzvah graphic.

For a December 2018 wedding requiring “something colorful with a traditional Indian pattern/design,” Inkredible Dance Floors output 576 square feet of print using a Roland TrueVis VG-640 to image Oracal Orajet 1663 vinyl. When it comes to installation, “because all we do is floors, it becomes very routine,” Smith says. A two-person team positioned the wrap in one hour, and wedding attendees danced to their hearts’ content into the night.

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