Caldera Develops Software with Lüscher-Tschudi

RIP designed for industrial textile printer T-Rex 320.

Big Picture

Caldera and Swiss manufacturer Lüscher-Tschudi have partnered to develop a printer-specific version of Caldera’s GrandRIP+ for the T-Rex 320 textile printer. The 126-inch industrial machine, which features a fabric loading and transportation system and an inline fixation unit and dryer, outputs soft signage and other textile applications at up to nearly 2500 square feet per hour. The GrandRIP+ platform offers color management features designed specifically for fabric printing; media and ink optimization; and the optional TextilePro suite for RGB workflow and pattern options.

The partnership, says Caldera CEO Joseph Mergui in a release, is “creating bridges between processes that have not before spoken the same language.”

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