California Customs

A graphic designer brings his love of racing to the print shop.

Andrew Madrid, the founder of Proline Wraps in Chatsworth, California, is a graphic designer and a motorsports racer. At the age of 18, he gained attention for the graphics he designed and installed on his own dragster. He soon found himself with business from other racers looking for custom designs. california customs

Proline Wraps has a 5000-square-foot facility that includes a Roland TrueVis VG-2 large format printer/cutter; they use Roland vinyl products for all of their wraps. Madrid and his team are ready for almost any design request for almost any type of vehicle. “We do pretty much custom anything,” says Madrid. “For fleets and race teams that we deal with, we focus on the color and the branding. Most corporate-style customers want specific color and brand representation so california customswe focus on color and exact logo placement because that is key.”

With true behind-the-scenes knowledge and real experience, Madrid has a uniquely comprehensive understanding of the industry and a propensity for eye-catching custom designs. “I really enjoy the designing process,” he says. “It’s the instant gratification and creating art digitally that you can’t do with paint or other processes. We as a brand try and make our graphics look like a paint job, so to see something come out of our printers with all the colors and textures in it is instant gratification.”

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