Chairs in the Sky

LAgraphico provides outdoor signage for hit TV show, "The Voice."

Big Picture

On average, NBC’s hit television show The Voice rakes in about 15 million viewers an episode. While the talented contestants or the star-studded cast of judges – including Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton – may be reason enough for all of the hype, the power of the show’s superwide marketing campaigns shouldn’t go unrecognized.

To garner attention in Los Angeles, the showbiz capital of the world, no ordinary rectangular billboard would do. NBC decided to capitalize on the judge’s signature chairs to promote the show’s second season and build a 14 x 48-foot billboard portraying the judges extending 5-feet beyond the board, creating a more realistic look. The studio’s long-time print provider, California-based LAgraphico ( was chosen to tackle the challenge.

NBC Studios handled the design and delivered the files to the shop to prepare for output.

“As this billboard was one element within a larger campaign, we profiled and color corrected all of the elements to ensure consistent brand color across all platforms and substrates,” says Emily Hansen, LAgraphico’s grand-format manager. “In addition to the color adjustments, we did adjust and re-size the supplied artwork to get them production-ready for the variously sized billboards within the campaign – including billboards with extensions, premiere panels, wallscapes, and more.”

With the files ready for output, an initial billboard was printed at full size, installed outdoors, and reviewed by the client. “Once approved, all of the graphics within the campaign, including the billboard with extensions, were built from that exact color target,” says Hansen.

The posting company, CBS Outdoor, specified a vinyl media for output and LAgraphico turned to its Durst Rho rollfed printer to output the primary billboard graphic in one piece; the extension graphics were output separately. The graphics were then loosely hand cut and delivered to CBS Outdoor. The install work was handled by CBS Outdoor, including the creation of a structure to support the billboard extension plus cutting to shape.

The client and CBS Outdoor coordinated to maximize the location and exposure of the graphics within the marketing campaign.

“Although we work closely with the posting companies for installation issues and quality control, the studios maintain the contracts with the posting companies for the various billboards, wallscapes, premiere panels, and special installations throughout the city,” says Hansen. “You almost always see the same studio's movies or television series posted in the same locations – everything is rotated through on a consistent basis. Our longstanding relationships with the major studios ensure that our projects are seen in a huge variety of media throughout the city.”

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