Dip-Tech Launches Multipurpose Glass Printer

The NEra-D series offers up to 12 ink channels.

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Dip-Tech’s NEra-D series of ceramic glass printers is designed to print a range of applications, including single-color dots and lines for the industrial market as well as photorealistic images for the decorative sector, without changing ink tanks. The series is offered in four models with a max. glass size of 130 x 240 in. and up to 12 ink channels. Resolution reaches up to 1410 dpi with variable droplets as small as 10 pL. Max. glass thickness is 0.75 in.

Print speeds are quoted up to 4800 sq ft/hr for single-color dots and lines, 2900 sq ft/hr for multicolor patterns, and 860 sq ft/hr for photorealistic images.

Additional features include DXP3 Advanced software, equipped with RIP, pattern generator, and color atlas. Ink is automatically recirculated within the printhead, and a glass scanning feature detects and adjusts printing to the actual size of the material. The series also includes an inline dryer.

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