The Art of History

Contemporary art adorns 19th-century stone archways.

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The Oxford University Museum of Natural History sifted through nearly 100 contemporary artist submissions before settling on Ian Kirkpatrick’s Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? series as the perfect complement to the museum’s temporary Settlers: Genetics, Geography, and the Peopling of Britain exhibition. The artwork explores human migration through social (conflict, urbanization, etc.) and natural (climate change) lenses in ancient times and today.

After Kirkpatrick modified the design to match the shape of the museum’s 19th-century stone archways, Dock Street Signs imaged the six panels with a Durst Rho 1312 printer onto white Dibond sheets. Four 142 x 59-inch pieces created a panoramic scene on the first floor, while two 94.5 x 34-inch sections were installed near the Settlers exhibition.

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