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Durst Announces Theta 76R Photo Printer

Replaces the company's Epsilon Plus.

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Durst has extended its digital photo printer line with its new Theta 76R LED photo printer. Designed as the replacement for the company??"??"??s Epsilon Plus, the 30-in. photo printer uses Durst??"??"??s fiberoptic LED printing technology to image photos onto RA4 reflective and backlit media.

The 254-ppi, continuous-tone printer accommodates rolls of media from 12- to 30-in. wide and will produce images up to 279-ft long. It prints at speeds of approximately 16 in./min or nearly 200 sq ft/hr. The Theta??"??"??s multitasking capability allows it to continue to print while queuing new jobs.

Improvements in the system can be seen most dramatically on the front end: The new front-end operating system (Theta 76R software v. 3.7) includes softproofing with on-screen correction, color management for ICC conversion of TIFF and JPEG file formats, image cropping and 90??"? image rotation, auto-spooling, and Fotoba auto-nesting and trim marks. An optional software package includes PostScript Level 2 and 3 (PS and PDF) with automatic conversion of CMYK.

The system comes complete with the imager, paper-feed axle, Theta 76R workstation and software, GretagMacbeth Eye-One device and ProfileMaker software, flatbed scanner, color monitor, and keyboard.

Price on the new Theta 76R: $79,839.


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