Environmental Graphics: Fresh Wall Wraps

Over 400 square feet of vinyl distinguish this restaurant from the rest.

“The days of clients writing specs of what they want seem to be long gone,” says Shawn Fogle, VP of display and graphics at Swift Print Communications. Fogle finds himself in an increasingly consultative role as print capabilities become more and more specialized.

Swift Print partnered with design agency Atomic Dust to rebrand a fast casual restaurant called Crazy Bowls & Wraps; the chain wanted to be sure they stood out in a crowded market.

Swift Print came in before sunrise to complete the install and ran into a few unfriendly surfaces. Because the restaurant was already in operation, there were cleaning oils on the walls that made it tough to get the vinyl to stick. But after some perseverance and extra 3M adhesion spray, they pulled it off. The 403 square feet of graphics were printed with an Epson SureColor S50675 onto Briteline vinyl.

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