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Esko Expands Finishing Software Integration

And, two rebranded families of Kongsberg tables.

Big Picture

With the aim of offering increased postpress output and control, Esko has regrouped its finishing equipment offerings and software platforms. Machines are now grouped into two table families: Kongsberg X, designed for versatility and creativity, and Kongsberg C, emphasizing productivity and efficiency. Each is available in a range of sizes and configurations.

In addition, new software tools include:

• Auto Tool Adjust, which uses camera inspection and digital image processing to set up the proper tool for the substrate of the next job;
• A materials database that offers advice on tool selection and setup;
• An Estimating software module that generates job estimates automatically based on production data such as substrate type and thickness;
• Integration between Kongsberg tables and Esko’s Automation Engine software;
• And a Device Manager that displays the status and queues of all connected devices; optimizes sheet nesting; and features a drag-and-drop interface allowing operators to prioritize table queues, insert rush jobs, and balance workloads between equipment.

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