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Esko Introduces New Kongsberg C Digital Finishing Systems Series

Kongsberg C60 and C64 features carbon-composite traverse beam and can accommodate an extensive range of applications and substrates.

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Esko has introduced the first model in its new Kongsberg C Digital Finishing Systems series, the Kongsberg C64.

The new digital-finishing platform works with 126 x 126-in. substrates and boasts a rigid, carbon-composite traverse beam to ensure precision and support high speed, fast acceleration, high quality creasing, and 3kW milling capabilities, reports Esko. It can accommodate an extensive range of applications and substrates, from paper and textiles to corrugated (up to triple-wall thickness), fluted board, plastics, aluminum composites, and more.

The C64’s workstation can mount on any corner of the machine, and a new maneuvering concept places an integrated joystick and operator panel on the traverse. In addition, a second operator panel can be added, and a new conveyor option can be manually jogged in both directions. Also available: the Kongsberg C60 model, which accommodates 126 x 63-in. sizes.

Esko also has previewed its i-cut Production Console, a new front-end to operate and manage the Kongsberg digital finishing systems. The i-cut Production Console is designed for all applications on all Kongsberg models.


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