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Esko’s Suite 14.1 Features SaaS Options

Comprehensive update also includes software subscriptions.

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Esko has released Suite 14.1, an inclusive update of all of its software products. In addition to a single, consolidated platform for customer support, the update includes software as a service (SaaS) and subscription options, which allow for the following:
• Scalability – for example, extra licenses can be made available during peak production times;
• The ability to report software costs as an annual operating expense rather than a capital investment;
• Added security and uptime benefits;
• And immediate software upgrades without the need for onsite patches or updates.
Subscription plans will now be offered with software bundles ranging from Essentials to Advanced.

There have also been specific enhancements for each product, including:
• A 2- and 3D viewer for WebCenter, as well as a mobile-specific platform;
• Improved server management and increased CAD automation for Automation Engine;
• The new Pack Proof, for color-accurate contract proofing;
• And increased compatibility with Studio for ArtiosCAD and WebCenter.


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