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Evaluate Your Firm with Management Plus Program

NAPL's self-auditing tool lets you see how your company rates

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For more than 20 years, graphic arts companies have been using NAPL's Management Plus program to help identify strengths and weaknesses in their organizations. The Management Plus program consists of two parts: 1) a self-audit; and 2) a competition with other firms participating in the Management Plus program.

The self-audit examines nine critical areas: internal control systems; financial performance; marketing/sales plan; business planning; human resources; environmental/safety concerns; quality control; community/industry affairs; and vendor relations.

After completing the self-evaluation, companies may enter an awards competition during which an NAPL judging committee evaluates entrants in six categories: five based on size and one for in-plant printers. Gold Awards are given to companies who scored at least 90% in the self-audit; Silver Awards for organizations scoring 80%; and Merit Awards to companies achieving a minimum of 70% score. Entries for the current Management Plus competition must be postmarked by Nov. 7, 2003.

Download Management Plus evaluation forms and award applications from NAPL's website. (NAPL: 800-642-6275; www.napl.org)

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