Four Pees’ PrintFactory 4.1 Debuts

Features advanced automation and integration through JDF.

Big Picture

Four Pees has introduced the latest iteration of its PrintFactory large-format production suite, version 4.1. The new PrintFactory features:
• Advanced automation and integration through JDF: The PrintFactory Editor prepares a job for production and produces JDF instructions directly to the PrintFactory or third-party RIP; the PrintFactory RIP consumes JDF and processes a job according to the embedded specs; PrintFactory offers different possibilities to automate tasks and integrate with Web-to-print and MIS/ERP systems; JDF-based variable-data template files, populated with the actual variable data in the RIP, can be used by PrintFactory. (Note: JDF and variable-data capabilities are add-on options.)
• Expanded Editor functionality: features include a Finishing Tool, a Combine Tool for True Shape Nesting, and preflighting.
• A revamped Calibration and Profiling Wizard for more accurate, more productive, and more economic printer profiling; also features new quality/ink consumption presets.


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