Fresh Flowers Bring Print to Life in London

PressOn replicates 'A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase' painting with thousands of buds.

Big Picture

“We handle projects that many people might shy away from,” says Nigel Webster, managing director of PressOn. Producing the blueprint for a five-day installation that would both hold and irrigate 26,500 real flowers was one such challenge for the Chatham, England-based print shop.

The 20 x 15-foot replica of a 17th-century Dutch painting was commissioned by the Flower Council of Holland to promote the Dutch Flowers exhibition at London’s National Gallery.

After extensive testing, PressOn found that Sihl 3687 TriSolv PostArt blue-backed poster paper worked well to hold in water, keeping the flowers fresh. The shop used an HP Latex 3500 printer to image the poster paper, as well as a few panels of Berger Be.tex Genius M1 Canvas. They then used a Kongsberg XP cutter to create 30,000 slits to hold individual flowers.

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