Giving, and Getting, the Message

Go Graphix's wall murals motivate high school students.

Not one student at Springfield Central High School in Massachusetts can say they didn’t see the signs pointing them to graduation because, thanks to Go Graphix, the signs were all around them.

The director of the high school’s Magnet Program contacted Go Graphix ( to design, print, and install wall murals that would blanket the school with important motivational messages, such as ways to graduate or images of school spirit.

“The cafeteria mural (10 x 60 feet) shows students’ path to graduation, providing them with the curriculum for each year,” says Jim White, president of Go Graphix. “Other murals show the grades and SAT scores (9 x 28 feet) that are required to gain entry into an array of colleges and universities.”

Go Graphix turned to its HP 25500 Latex printer and HP Latex inks to output onto 3M IJ8624 Graphic Wall Film, then laminated with 3M Scothcal Luster Overlam 8524 using a Royal Sovereign 1650 laminator. To cut the finished artwork to the correct size, the shop’s electric trimmer, a Royal Sovereign RET-200A, was put to work. Total output came to 2500 square feet, including graphics for indoor floors and walls, as well as some exterior graphics.

“The wall film filled the nooks and crannies, and provided an almost painted-on final appearance” onto the painted concrete blocks the film was installed on, reports White.

Printing time was 40 hours, while finishing added another 30 hours. The install work took 100 hours, due to a few interruptions. “You can imagine how many students roaming the halls in a school of 2000 students might enjoy spending time out of class talking to graphics guys,” says White.

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