Graphics One Launches GO Salsa TX

Salsa TX modified to image on both direct-to-fabric or dye-sub-transfer applications.

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Graphics One has launched the GO Salsa TX, a 4- color (CMYK), 64-inch, direct-to-fabric and dye-subtransfer combo printer.

Featuring a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi and printing speeds of up to 185 sq ft/hr, the Salsa TX has been modified to image on both direct-to-fabric or dye-sub-transfer applications with its integrated and synchronized online heat-fi xation unit for dualdirect or paper-transfer printing; it also features a high-performance ink-delivery system, a fabric-drying system, and a fabric-media handling system. The Salsa TX also incorporates Intelligent Interweaving print technology to aid in eliminating banding.

The printer utilizes GO Extreme dye-sub and direct-to-fabric inks. It can print directly onto textiles for applications such as fl ags, banners, soft signage, wall murals, trade-show exhibits, outdoor advertising, and more. In addition, it can print onto dye-sub paper for transfers onto all possible dye-sublimatable materials such as tile murals, polyester-coated ceramics, banners, fl ags, carpets, sporting goods (snowboards, helmets), gadgets (mugs, mouse pads, clocks), apparel (blouses, rain jackets, t-shirts, sportswear), personalized interior (curtains, sheets), P-O-P displays, posters, and more.

The Salsa TX is priced at $44,995, including Wasatch SoftRIP for Salsa TX.


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