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GretagMacbeth's Eye-One iO And DensiEye Products

New color tools help meet ISO specifications

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At Drupa, GretagMacbeth introduced the Eye-One iO, designed to automate color management for scanners. For the creative professional, the Eye-One iO is a scanning table in which an Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer is mounted; the Eye-One Pro then moves back and forth to capture the color information from a test chart.

The iO comes with two scanning options"?white backing for use with colormanagement applications, and black backing to meet ISO specifications. It also offers a transparent base to measure various transparent materials. In addition, the iO enables characterization of thick to very thick substrates, such as those used in textile printing or in direct printing applications onto thick substrates (ceramic tiles, for instance).

The Eye-One iO, with its automated workflow, allows for faster test chart readings, lowers the necessary skill level for operators, and reduces the risk for error. The Eye-One iO will be available later this year.

That isn't all that GretagMacbeth rolled out for color-management enthusiasts at Drupa. The company's new DensiEye 700 is a fully automated 4-channel densitometer for CMYK measurement, with a measure time of less than 0.1 sec and a response time of less than 0.5 sec. It measures up to density 3, essential for the high-pigment ink market, and has an optional small aperture and polarization feature to measure small color bars.

The DensiEye 700's easy-to-read display can be set to show information in any language and provides direct access to commonly used functions such as auto- matic color, solid, halftone, trapping, and balance patch recognition. The densitomenter has an optical Pass/Fail indicator, which shows users at a glance whether the measured item is within tolerance.

Using LED technology for low power consumption, DensiEye is capable of up to 500,000 measurements per set of standard AA batteries. A USB port is also included for fast communication with a PC, as is ISO standard predefined reference density sets. (GretagMacbeth: www.gretagmacbeth.com)

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