Haters Gonna Hate, Wrappers Gonna Wrap

Colorful vehicle wrap grabs onlookers' attention, for better or for worse.

They say any publicity is good publicity, but for some, bad PR can be tough to stomach. That wasn’t the case for Mike Hysong, who found the “haters” of his eccentric Corvette wrap to be simply amusing – and productive. His YouTube channel, Street Speed 717, saw a jump in 40,000 subscribers in just two weeks after the wrap was installed, and his video making fun of the naysayers was one of his most-viewed.

The mastermind behind the wrap, Shane Weldon, president of InShane Designs, says he knew going in that the car would either be loved or hated. Weldon crafted the design after spending a few weeks getting to know Hysong. “The colorful craziness explains what his personality is about: very outgoing and doesn’t care about much,” he says.

Weldon’s Duncannon, Pennsylvania-based shop specializes in high-end customized wraps, so the process of taking the time to get to know each customer is a requirement. He’s been in business for about two years, after leaving a three-year graphics installation gig, and has already grown to a staff of four.

The Street Speed graphics were designed as Hysong’s entry into the art-themed Supercars on State Street contest in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, benefitting the American Cancer Society. Weldon printed on his HP Designjet L26500 with Avery Dennison MPI 1105 film and laminated with DOL 1360. Printing and installation was completed in just two days – despite the fact that Hysong didn’t want the brand-new car to be taken apart. Weldon says there are pros and cons when dismantling a vehicle, but wrapping around all the vents and emblems was certainly an exercise in strategic cutting (the shop uses a Graphtec FC8600).

Weldon’s plans for the future include hiring another designer and moving into a 5000-square-foot facility right next to Hershey Park, where he likes to send out-of-town customers to enjoy themselves while he works on their vehicles. He’s also breaking into more commercial work as the shop gains a name for itself, including an upcoming helicopter wrap sponsored by Under Armour.

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