HP Unveils End-to-End 3D-Printing System

Including processing station, software platform, and two new printers.

Big Picture

HP has revealed the Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution, a multicomponent platform featuring the SmartStream 3D Build Manager and Command Centre, the Jet Fusion 3D Processing Station, and Jet Fusion 3D 3200 and 4200 printers. The system processes and prints at the voxel level (voxels are the 3D version of pixels), which, according to HP, increases users’ ability to control and customize the finished product. Other possibilities include the ability to print with embedded intelligence and information, i.e. part sensors and tracking codes.

The HP Jet Fusion 3D 3200 and 4200 printers can build parts measuring up to 16 x 12 x 16 in. with a max. resolution of 1200 dpi. The 3200 model builds up to 215 cu in./hr, while the 4200 builds up to 275 cu in./hr. Additional features for both models include thermal control at each layer, fusing and detailing agents, and in-printer quality checks reported via touch screen.

The HP Jet Fusion Processing Station for the 3200 printer and the Jet Fusion Processing Station with Fast Cooling for the 4200 model automate mixing, sieving, and loading of 3D materials. The Fast Cooling version also offers semi-manual unpacking, fast cooling, an external storage tank, and bulk-material storage capacity.

The system is engineered for an open materials platform with the goal of compatibility with yet-to-be-developed technologies; HP is currently working on an app store for 3D materials. The Jet Fusion system is also compliant with 3MF, a file format developed specifically for additive manufacturing by a consortium that includes 3D Systems, Autodesk, GE, HP, Microsoft, Stratasys, and more.

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