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i-cut Vision v7.1 Introduced

Automatically eliminates overcuts in sensitive materials.

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I-cut, Inc. (icutvision.com) has introduced i-cut Vision v7.1, which boasts a number of new features, including:
• “Adaptive Registration,” intelligently reducing the number of registration marks needed to adjust the orientation of a sheet on a table, improving productivity.
• The ability to automatically eliminate overcuts in sensitive materials – such as foam, Reboard, and PSA film – by cutting away from inside corners.
• A Global Cutting Key library, which allows a number of devices to share the same cutting key libraries.
• The ability to add or remove copies during production, so that remaining copies can be adjusted without canceling the current production run.
• Multi-passing for lasers: automatically repeating layers many times to cut dense materials.
• Keep Sequence: Maintaining sequencing in imported files as defined by ArtiosCAD and other high-end CAD applications.


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