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ICEserver Version 3.0 from Fine Eye Color Solutions

Becomes exclusive distributor for Voglesong ColoRef Color CRM.

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FineEye Color Solutions has introduced two new products to the market: ICEserver Version 3.0 with XG (expanded gamut), and Voglesong ColoRef Color CRM, a certified reference material tool that verifies the performance of color-measurement equipment used throughout the print production process.

ICEserver Version 3.0 is designed to offer users more flexibility and greater automated control over their color files. This latest version has been updated to a server solution offering a Web client interface, adds a new ICC Color Management pre-processing feature, and adds a new tone-correction tool (to make color adjustments to suit custom needs or to adapt the Intelligent Color Engine, ICE, to non-standard print processes).

In addition, FineEye Color has been named the exclusive worldwide distributor for the Voglesong ColoRef 1.0 Color CRM, used to verify the performance of spectrophotometers, colorimeters, and densitometers. The new CRM can be easily read by scanning, strip-reading, and handheld spectrophotometers, and is designed to tell users which of their devices are accurate, which require recalibration or which should be upgraded or replaced. The ColorRef 1.0 is NIST-traceable and ISO-compliant (Standard 15790-2004).


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