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International Sign Association Announces New Online Tool

Database provides information for professionals.

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The Sign Code Hotspot is a new online database from the International Sign Association (ISA) that provides sign professionals with educational and informational materials that relate to common regulatory issues found in the sign industry.

The online database contains issues ranging from restricting pole signs to municipal failure. Users can also find information on redevelopment regulations that impact businesses, sign engineering issues, and other topics.

ISA developed the Sign Code Hotspot with the hope that not only will professionals be able to gain information about the industry, but that they will also provide feedback on further creating the database.

According to Kenny Peskin, ISA’s manager of state and local government affairs, “This database helps the sign industry to build on lessons learned in one community, for use in all areas.” The new tool can assist professionals with engaging in issues with their communities as they occur, so they can access data to support their cases.

The database is available free to members of ISA only.


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