Job Log: 300 Airport Window Graphic Panels

Pearson International Airport celebrates Canada's birthday with 2000 square feet of print.

Big Picture

The Client Greater Toronto Airports Authority 

The Players Icon Digital Productions, Juniper Park\TBWA

Tools & Supplies Contra Vision Campaign perforated window film, Durst Rho P10 250HS

The Job To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, Toronto’s Pearson International Airport needed an eye-catching commemorative display that would not only greet travelers visiting the country for the first time, but also showcase Canada’s milestone during televised events. The Greater Toronto Airports Authority and its design agency, Juniper Park\TBWA, approached a print shop with prior experience installing stunning airport window graphics: Icon Digital Productions.

“Usually when we do these, it takes around two weeks from design to installation to finish. With this job being very weather-dependent, we looked at the forecast and cut down our timeline by nine days,” says Christopher Lau, Icon marketing coordinator.

Production Tasked with wrapping the airport’s Terminal 1 exterior windows, Icon Digital faced a tight two-week timeline due to impending bad weather. “This spring was very cold and there were actually some days when there was snow in April,” explains Lau. The shop also had to consider high-access equipment use and lighting conditions, as the graphics needed to stand out while allowing enough light into the terminal for normal operations as well as a live music series planned in celebration of the anniversary.

Icon Digital printed onto Contra Vision Campaign 30-percent transparency perforated window film with their Durst Rho P10 250HS printer, imaging more than 300 panels. To ensure color consistency, the production department painstakingly matched color panel to panel and then delivered the sections to the site in the exact order they were to be installed. The installation team applied nearly 2000 square feet of window graphics in just five days, avoiding weather implications and finishing considerably ahead of schedule.

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