Brick by Brick

An homage to a historic Louisville brewery graces the walls of the city's arena.

Big Picture

The Client

KFC Yum! Center 

The Players

S.K. Sign & Banner

Athens Paper

Tools & Supplies

Mactac Imagin Roodle removable wall graphics

HP Latex 560 printer 

The Job

The KFC Yum! Center, a staple of the Louisville, Kentucky, entertainment scene, can pack more than 23,000 people into its arena for events ranging from basketball games to concerts to conventions. To honor a historic city brewery inside the stadium, The Yum! Center hired S.K. Sign & Banner out of Clarksville, Indiana, to install a high-quality image of the Falls City building along with the classic brick wall image – and they were able to get it up in just three days. 

S.K. Sign & Banner’s slogan is “not just another sign company.” They lived up to their reputation by successfully installing the project in an expeditious manner. S.K. Sign & Banner relied on the advice of Athens Paper representative Barry Esslinger for the material recommendation on the project: Mactac Imagin Roodle printable media. “With roodle, our installers didn’t even have to tape up the product – it was super easy to install. As long as you RIP the file correctly, the rest is easy,” says Stefan Kopf of S.K. Sign & Banner. And with that, the Yum! Center swiftly transformed their space into a great tribute to local business that freshens their look and keeps visitors engaged.


The team used an HP Latex 560 printer to print onto the Mactac Imagin Roodle removable wall graphics because of its print-to-the-edge capability, which was optimal for both the faux brick wall and the Falls City building. The graphics included 11 separate 17-foot, 50-inch-wide panels printed to the edge with a one-inch overlap. The graphics were installed on a smooth interior wall with the lowest panels being applied four feet above the ground.

“It was a fun project with a nod to historical Louisville.  We loved it!” —Stefan Kopf,  S.K. Sign & Banner

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