Calling an Audible

The winner of a local art competition decorates an exterior wall at Telus.

Big Picture

The Client

Telus Communications 

The Players

Epic Imaging

Serena Love, Shewolf Studio

Tools & Supplies

Mactac Imagin RoughRap RR100

Roland Pro III XC 540 

The Job

Telus is known for providing communication services via internet, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and television throughout Canada. To highlight the power of what they do in a unique way, the company hosted an art competition among local artists. The winning design received prime real estate on a wall of Telus’ office building in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada. 

In order to print and install the large-scale wall mural by local artist and contest winner Serena Love of Shewolf Studio, Telus partnered with Epic Imaging in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. However, during the reveal ceremony, the graphic began to peel off the wall surface. Epic Imaging was forced to think on their feet and react quickly. They chose a reliable vinyl and printed and installed the graphic the next day. To add to the challenge, the team had to adhere the wrap to the building’s exterior in extremely cold weather conditions, using heat to help apply the graphics when needed. 


To save the day, the shop used Mactac’s Imagin RoughRap RR100 gloss white vinyl film via its Roland Pro III XC 540 eco-solvent printer/cutter.  

“ The end result was perfect, not to mention brighter and more vivid than the first material used.”
— Josee Robinson, VP of Operations, Epic Imaging 

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