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Junkers & Mullers Lightbox Fabric

Fabric may be used with solvent and UV inks.

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Junkers & Mullers has introduced its Mediatex Lightbox fabric for use with backlit applications. The flexible fabric can be used with solvent and UV inks and features a micro-porous coating that is designed to intensify the colors on the printed fabric. The company reports the media is easy to handle and does not display any kinking or white brittle. Mediatex Lightbox is available in widths up to 78.7 in. (2 m); applications include department store systems, city lightboxes, exhibition stands, and more.

Additionally, the company has announced that it has tested its Mediatex textiles against the Oeko-Tex Standard, an international testing and certification system for textiles, limiting the use of certain chemicals. All Mediatex products have obtained certification of compliance with this standard.


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