Kinetix Inkjet-Receptive Magnetic Media

Designed for retail applications and more.

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Innotech has added the Kinetix Magnetic Sheet family of media. Kinetix Magnetic Sheet White Matt is available in thicknesses of 11.8-, 23.6-, and 33.5-mil. The white matte-finished vinyl media is engineered for inkjet printing with solvent and eco-solvent inks. Innotech reports the media is flexible and can be folded and twisted without damaging any of the magnetic properties. Applications include retail and P-O-P displays and interior décor. The 11.8-mil option is available in 54- and 60-in. rolls, while the 23.6- and 33.5-mil lines are available in widths up to 47 in.

Kinetix Standard Car Mag White Matt is a magnetic sheet designed to hold strength at highway speeds on vehicles both indoors and outdoors. Kinetix Premium Car Mag White Matt, also engineered for highway speeds indoors and outdoors, features a coating that eliminates the need for washing every two weeks. The premium line leaves no residue upon removal. Both are engineered for printing with solvent and eco-solvent printers and available in 24.4-in. widths.

The Kinetic Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet is a 27.5-mil sheet with adhesive on one side and magnetic sheeting on the other. Applications include retail and more. Available in widths up to 47.2 in.