It’s What’s for Dinner

A carefully crafted banner ensures an aging painting lives on for years to come.

Big Picture

After more than 30 years of sun exposure, National Beef Packaging Company’s 270-foot-long exterior mural, hand-painted by Kansas artist Stan Herd, had seen better days. The company turned to Luminous Neon for a way to preserve the iconic painting. When it became clear digitally printed aluminum panels would require periodic reprints, Luminous Neon came up with a more permanent solution: a monumental banner.

The painted plywood tiles were carefully removed, photographed, digitally reproduced, and then printed by Independent’s Service. The partner shop output 2565 square feet of 12-oz. vinyl with an EFI Matan 5, adding banner clips every 6 inches. Over the course of two days, an install team mounted an Alpina banner grip frame system and installed each section of the mural, clip by clip.

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