MS Printing Launches Impres Soft Signage System

Featuring end-to-end integration and direct or transfer imaging.

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MS Printing’s new Impres Soft Signage System integrates the company’s digital inkjet technology with Caldera RIP software and JK Group dye sub inks. Applications for the 70.9- and 126-in. models include P-O-P advertising, backlit signage, flags and banners, and exhibit and stadium graphics.

Users can choose a configuration of 2, 4, or 16 Kyocera dual-channel printheads. Droplets range in size from 4 to 72 pL over a 4-in.-wide section of fabric. Users can also choose a system designed solely for paper transfer printing, or one designed for both transfer and direct polyester fabric imaging.

The 3180 model supports rolls up to 7.9 in. in diameter, with a 4-color ink configuration and print speeds up to 1330 sq ft/hr. The 4320 model supports rolls up to 19.7 in. in diameter, with 4 or 8 ink colors and print speeds up to 3113 sq ft/hr. Both machines feature a 10-L/color ink capacity.

The Qwizard digital front end features a built-in touch-screen control panel for managing the job queue directly from the printer. Additional functions include remote diagnostics and status updates.

In addition, Caldera GrandRIP+ software is included and features an Adobe PDF engine; an interface that supports multiple devices; built-in color libraries; variable-data printing capabilities; cropping, tilting, and nesting options; and embedded ICC ink level adjustment support tools.

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