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NetXPosure 5 Debuts

Web-based Digital Asset Management application.

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NetXposure has unveiled its new enterprise digital-asset-management (DAM) system, NetXposure 5, a Web-based application with desktop interactions. Re-formatted as a rich Internet application, it uses Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex technologies for a new user-interface that runs identically in all major browsers and operating systems. Other features include:

* Cascading pull-down menus, slider resizing capabilities and similar sorting capabilities regardless of which browser is running.

* Real time interaction with digital assets from numerous applications and built-in Adobe CreativeSuite3 integration.

* Automatic offline synching capabilities, such as drag-and-drop between desktop applications and the asset repository, as well as large-capacity upload and download capabilities.

* New support for Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) specification.

* Enhanced Mac OS, Windows, and Linux support.


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