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New HP Scitex FB10000 Press

Large-format industrial press is driven by HP’s High Dynamic Range printing technology.

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HP has introduced its HP Scitex FB10000 Industrial Press, the company’s new flagship machine. Designed for high-volume print service providers – particularly those wanting to shift their retail graphics and corrugated-display applications from analog to digital – the FB10000 offers a top speed of 6727 sq ft/hr and direct-to-board printing.

The 6-color (CMYKcm) FB10000 features HP’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) printing technology, which comprises 16-gray-level printing (for fine gamut resolution, more directly printable colors, and subtle shading in images) as well as dynamic dot-size control (multiple drop volumes: 15-, 30-, and 45-pL). The press also features new HP HDR240 Scitex Inks – pigmented UV-curable inks designed to achieve excellent adhesion on a wide media range at high productivity and comply with ISO proofing standards, HP reports, helping customers match colors between digital and analog processes.

The press can accommodate rigid or flexible media up to 63 x 126 in., up to 1-in. thick. Media types include: acrylics, foam PVC, PVC sheets, polystyrene (HIPS), fluted polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, synthetic paper, SAV, paper, foamboard, corrugated cardboard, compressed cardboard, and more. Users can choose between optional sheet-to-sheet ¾-automatic loading, semi-automatic, and manual loading and unloading, or up to 4-sheet simultaneous printing with an optional multi-sheet loader kit.

Software: Caldera GrandRIP+, Onyx Thrive, or HP Scitex GMG Production Suite RIP.


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