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New Media and Laminates from Kapco

Also introduced: Cast Vinyl Laminate for vehicle wraps and graphics.

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Kapco Graphic Products has introduced two new water-based inkjet media as well as two new PSA laminates.

The 8-mil Microporous Gloss Polypropylene Film is a bright white, water-resistant, recyclable water-based inkjet print media with a microporous coating for instant drying. It’s also available in an adhesive-backed version. In 36-, 42-, 50-, and 60-in. widths.

Kapco’s 140-gram High Resolution Matte Paper offers high-density and vivid colors, fast drying, universal compatibility, and hot and cold laminate receptivity. In 24-, 36-, 42-, 50-, and 60-in. widths.

Designed specifically for vehicle wraps and graphics, the new 1.2-mil Cast Vinyl Laminate is available in matte, luster, or gloss finish with a UV-protection additive. In 30-, 54-, and 60-in. widths.

The new adhesive-backed 1-mil PVDF Graffiti Free Laminate offers a laminate solution allowing spray paint to be cleaned off within seven days using isopropyl alcohol. Applications include vehicle wraps and fleet graphics, outdoor graphics, and wall graphics. In 54-in. widths.


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