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New Océ Arizona UV Flatbed Series

For mid-volume digital print production.

Big Picture

Canon has released the Océ Arizona 1200 UV flatbed printer series for mid-volume print providers. The series is available in three modular configurations – the 1240, 1260, and 1280 offering four, six, and eight ink channels, respectively – and two sizes: The GT printers accept boards up to 2 in. thick and up to 4 x 8 ft, while the XT printers accept boards up to 8 x 10 ft (or two 4 x 8-ft boards). Users can choose from a variety of ink combinations, including extra CM or LcLm channels, single- or double-white channels, and varnish.

The GT models print up to 362 sq ft/hr; the XT images up to 377 sq ft/hr. The series features one printhead per channel in a single row design, leveraging the company’s VariaDot technology with droplet sizes ranging from 6 to 42 pL.

An optional roll-to-roll feature is also available.

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