New RIP Editions from Shiraz

Updates to the Server, Signature, and Focus solutions.

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Shiraz Software, based in the UK, has announced new editions of its RIP Server, Signature, and Focus solutions. All of the new products feature a full-scale rebuild of the underlying architecture, Shiraz reports, as well as faster RIP functionality, a redesigned Dashboard, enhanced customer-service module, remote access, extended support for machines from various manufacturers, native support for the latest Windows 7 and Mac OS X Lion systems, new media profiles, and more.

Shiraz Server V8, for demanding production environments with multiple users and devices, now includes an HPGL/2 engine to support rendering and printing of vector and raster files and features increased speed, stability, and ease of use.

For smaller wide-format facilities, Shiraz Signature V8 adds the redesigned user interface and also incorporates new developments in image management for smarter printing. It’s now available in single-user Solo or multi-user Server editions.

Shiraz Focus V4, for fine-art and photographic output, offers: the ability to split and visualize an image over any number of rows and columns for complex, triptych-style presentations; a Ruby Gallery Wrap feature, to arrange images for canvas wraps in a diamond formation; and more. It is also available in Solo or Server editions.


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