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New Standalone PrintBoard Production-Monitoring Tool from Caldera

Includes the company’s Variable Display media player.

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Caldera has introduced its standalone PrintBoard production-monitoring tool. Formerly only available as a plug-in for Caldera Print & Cut solutions, PrintBoard is now available in a hardware-and-software bundle that includes the PrintBoard plug-in as well as the company’s Variable Display media player and a “light” Variable Display software license. PrintBoard displays information such as the daily production rate, the rate per printing device, the percentage of production per printer and per type of printer, and the number of errors per day, alongside the sequence of jobs lined up for each device. PrintBoard can be accessed from anywhere, including mobile devices such as the iPad and Android tablets. Variable Display is a digital signage solution designed to seamlessly integrate with digital-printing output to create point-of-sale material, retail signage, event graphics, and a range of other applications.


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