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New Targa XT LED UV from Ampla

Hybrid printer is available in four configurations.

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Ampla has introduced its new Targa XT LED UV hybrid series of printers. Available in four configurations (71-in. printing width and 6 printheads; and 126-in. print width with 6, 16, or 20 printheads), the new printers feature: CMYK or CMYK + white inksets; two LED curing units; a top speed of of 1076 sq ft/hr in Draft mode on the 20-printhead model (861 sq ft/hr in Production mode); 1200-dpi max. resolution; a Caldera GrandRIP+; 15-in. monitor and main operating center with digital temperature indicators; and more. The Targa XT machines can accommodate lightweight rigid materials up to 0.2-in. thick with its extender tables.


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