New UV-LED Tabletop Printers from Mimaki

For imaging on materials up to 6 inches thick.

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Mimaki has launched the UJF Mark II Series of UV-LED tabletop printers with 11.8-in. UJF-3042 and 24-in. UJF-6042 models. The 6042 machine leverages CMYKcm + white, clear, and jettable primer to image on materials measuring up to 6 in. in height. Available inks currently include LH-100 ink, designed for high scratch and chemical resistance, and LUS-120 ink for flexibility and scratch resistance. The company reports its LUS-150 ink will be made available for this series at a later date. The series also offers a 1-L bulk-ink system.

With print speeds up to 39.4 sq ft/hr, Mimaki says the series is up to 20% faster than the previous generation. Max. resolution is 1200 dpi; the company’s proprietary Advanced Pass System 4 and Waveform Control work to fine-tune image quality.

The series is designed with a fully enclosed print area to block out dust and other airborne particles. Media features include laser sensor media detection, automated gap check, vacuum table, and threaded registration pins. The company’s Circulation Technology and Nozzle Check Unit and Recovery System are designed to reduce maintenance and waste.

The UJF Mark II Series also accommodates jigs created for previous models. Both models are networkable with Gigabit Ethernet for multiple printer connections and feature an automated hot folder-based workflow. RasterLink6 RIP software is optional.

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