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New Versions of Twist and ES, from Dalim Software

Twist 6.3 provides a fully automated PDF "comparison" workflow.

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Dalim Software has released its latest version of Twist, the company’s workflow engine, and ES, its streamlined customer-facing environment.

Twist 6.3, the new standalone version of Dalim’s automated workflow engine, now provides a fully automated PDF “comparison” workflow, based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine. Before a job goes on press, it ensures that the final PDF output is consistent with the intent of the original, delivered file. Also new is an integrated Adobe Color Management Module to help users achieve a more consistent color workflow, as well as a new GMG Link tool for more transparent integration to GMG color management.

ES 2 now utilizes the production workflow features of the Twist Engine to extend its soft-proofing capabilities as well as collaborative project-management and automated prepress processes. Specifically, the new ES 2 now adds a built-in FTP server for file delivery and a reverse flat-plan view for projects created for Asian markets. In addition, the interactive “compare” feature of Dialogue Engine, the optional ES 2 soft-proofing component, has been updated.


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