A Northern Rendez-vous

K6 Media produces 1700 square feet of graphics for Rendez-vous Canada.

When they wanted to add some extra sizzle to Rendez-vous Canada 2013, a four-day international tourism marketplace held at the Ottawa Convention Centre, the Pr1me meeting and event-management agency turned to K6 Media (www.k6media.ca). For Pr1me client Brewster Travel Canada, K6 would produce 1700 square feet of graphics – including a wall mural and graphics for surrounding windows – all designed to catch the attention of delegates walking between the Convention Centre and the adjacent Westin Hotel.

Images for this out-of-home project were supplied by the Hunterjohnsen.com ad agency, and comprised custom-shot photos of Alberta province, all geared around promoting Brewster Travel’s Glacier Adventures. After detailed specifications for the display area were received, K6 worked with the travel agency on the final design for the graphics using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Only slight modifications were needed to make the images fit the necessary layouts required for wrapping, notes Christian Lavergne, K6 partner/creative director.

And because a fast turnaround was required, K6 was entrusted with ensuring that final output matched up with a hard copy proof from the design firm. “They sent us a laser color proof and our designers took care of making it look as good as possible based on that. We know what to look for – good, vibrant colors and clear image details. There was no time to get ridiculously critical of color – it needed to ‘wow’ the audience and we made sure our printers did their job.”

Those printers included the shop’s Mutoh Valuejet 1604 and Mutoh Valuejet 1614 machines, which output onto Concept 226 Wallmark 6-mil calendared self-adhesive vinyl film from General Formulations. Production took 15 hours overall.

Four K6 staff members performed the installation in about four hours, working in teams of two (one team for the walls and one for the windows). The final wall mural measured 74 inches high x 82 feet long, while the glass walls were approximately 12 feet high x 65 feet wide. The graphics were removed four days following installation, at the conclusion of the show.

The Canadian Tourism Bureau, which produces Rendez-vous Canada, reports that nearly 1500 tourism delegates attended the event. It’s likely that, due to K6’s graphics, many of the travel buyers’ customers will be taking a “glacier adventure” in the near future.

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