Top of the Food Chain

Foodies and drink connoisseurs can appreciate these prize-winning campaigns.

For the Food and Beverage category of the 2018 OAAA OBIE Awards, advertisers and PSPs left no stone unturned when it came to creativity. The Silver OBIE-winning Heinz billboards pay homage to the hit drama series "Mad Men" by using imagery from an identical Heinz campaign pitched by Don Draper in the show. Explore this and other unique campaigns below.

Silver OBIE Winners

Pass the Heinz
Creative Agencies: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, David the Agency
Advertiser: Heinz

Bronze OBIE Winners

No Artificial Ingredients. No Photos.
Creative Agency: Adams+Fairway
Advertiser: Natürlich

wide format OAAA OBIE

Boom Goes the Ice Cream
Creative Agency: Fortnight Collective
Advertiser: Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt


Changing of the Seasons
Creative Agency: Outfront Media
Advertiser: Dunkin' Donuts

Hang With a Local
Creative Agency: Anderson Marketing
Advertiser: Freetail Brewing Company

wide format OAAA OBIE


Eat the Ice Cream
Creative Agency: Lord Danger
Advertiser: Halo Top Ice Cream

Take It From Nature
Creative Agency: Fortnight Collective
Advertiser: Made In Nature

Sushi Roll
Creative Agency: Adams+Fairway
Advertiser: Royal Asian Buffet

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