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Onyx Announces X10.1 Production RIP

Includes a feature that makes it a support tool for G7 process.

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Onyx Graphics has announced v X10.1 of its production RIP products: Onyx ProductionHouse, PosterShop,,and RIPCenter.

Version X10.1 software includes a feature that makes it a support tool for G7 process to help users produce balanced gray and color consistency across print devices that meet G7 standards. This tool was developed to work with Chromix Curve2 software, which is used to generate G7 calibration targets. PosterShop and ProductionHouse import the calculated data and automatically set the calibration targets, making it easier for print shops to achieve G7 Certification.

The new software also offers an optional JDF module to provide workflow connectivity for print providers using JDF-workflow components. The module is available for PosterShop and ProductionHouse.
And the ability to split multi-page PDF files is now also available, optimizing production for jobs created from Adobe Illustrator artboards. With this feature, the Onyx RIP-Queue can process each different page size in multiple-image PDF files and optimize page nesting for maximum media savings, Onyx reports. Each page can be processed and sent to the printer individually, without having to wait for the entire PDF file to be processed. The feature is included in RIPCenter, PosterShop and ProductionHouse.


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