Onyx Graphics Launches PrepEdge Pro Software

Job prep for wide-format workflow.

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Onyx Graphics has announced the availability of its PrepEdge Pro software, a professional job-preparation tool designed specifically for large-format workflows.
PrepEdge Pro addresses all job-preparation issues prior to print processing and includes features specific to large-format prep such as: one-click grommet placement; size, crop and positioning tools; bleed and fold tools; complex tiling and template tools; fast contour cut path generation; and a raster image-to-vector tool.
The software also gives users the ability to view color-accurate, on-screen proofs, and quickly check and fix file anomalies. The built-in color-correction and management tools include controls to correct hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and color balance. It includes a simple and accurate spot color-matching function with the ability to create and save spot color libraries in addition to the onboard Pantone, RAL, HKS, and other color libraries.
In addition, PrepEdge Pro includes a professional PDF editor that provides the ability to easily edit any image, text, or graphic element of a PDF file -- shapes, lines, and gradients can be manipulated, and text or fonts can be changed. Users can import files and save the output as a PDF. Job templates, including tiling and placeholder setups, can be saved.
PrepEdge Pro software works with all large-format software RIPs. It can run on Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, Windows XP or Windows Vista platforms
MSRP: Starting at $2995 for a one-client stand-alone license key.


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