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Onyx Graphics Releases Onyx 11.1 Software

The software offers enhancements in color, ICC profiling in ONYX PosterShop, Adobe APPE 3, and more.

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Onyx Graphics has introduced Onyx 11.1 software, an upgrade from Onyx 11.0 that adds six new features:

• An expanded color gamut and new multi-channel ink restriction swatches;

• Automation enhancements including unit sizing and disproportionate scaling in Job Properties, as well as mirror and print reflection control;

• A new cut path previewing feature in Job Editor, RIP-Queue, and Job Properties modules combined with a cut-only workflow. This new workflow is designed for users primarily handling cut vinyl;

• Onyx PosterShop 11.1 software allowing users to generate color profiles. Custom ICC profile creation enables users to optimize their color output by generating profiles for specific jobs/clients.

• Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) 3.2, combining performance optimizations with a new scalable framework to power high-speed digital presses and large-format printers, according to Adobe.

Onyx 11.1 software is available for the full Onyx Graphics product line including Onyx Thrive workflow software and Onyx ProductionHouse, Onyx PosterShop, and Onyx RIPCenter RIP software.


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