In Plaid View

A wrapped lighthouse greeted attendees of the 50th-annual RBC Heritage Classic PGA golf tournament.

Big Picture

The Client

Heritage Classic Foundation

The Players 

The Kennickell Group, Who Did That, Sunbelt Rentals

Tools & Supplies 

HP Latex 3500, Orafol Orajet 3954 Brick Stone Film, Genie Z-40/23N RJ articulating boom lift, JLG Industries 1250AJP articulating boom lift 

The Job 

With the 50th-annual RBC Heritage Classic PGA golf tournament at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, quickly approaching, event organizers sought a unique way to commemorate the golden anniversary. Heritage Classic Foundation crafted an iconic concept: wrapping the famous Harbour Town Lighthouse in plaid, symbolizing the pattern of the jacket awarded to tournament winners each year. The event directors called upon The Kennickell Group to transform their idea into reality for spectators and golfers to enjoy throughout the tournament.

In order for the plaid pattern to line up, every inch mattered in this project! We even climbed inside the lighthouse to get accurate measurements of the top section that pans out. –Lucinda Lumley Zittrouer, Kennickell wide format manager.


lighthouseKennickell and partner installation company Who Did That were faced with a rare task. The first question they grappled with: How exactly does one go about wrapping a 90-foot lighthouse? The answer: very strategically. “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to secure drawings of the lighthouse that included measurements, so we spent many hours carefully measuring every inch,” says Lucinda Lumley Zittrouer, Kennickell wide-format manager.

Once the dimensions of the lighthouse’s three stripes were recorded, Kennickell began outputting 3364 square feet of plaid graphics using their HP Latex 3500 to print onto Orafol Orajet 3954 Brick Stone Film.

Installation was the trickiest part of the job. “Situated between the golf club and a group of oak trees, the lighthouse was not in an easily accessible area, offering very little room for large lift equipment to easily maneuver,” Zittrouer explains. And adding more direct access by cutting the oak trees, a cherished symbol of South Carolina’s Lowcountry region, was not an option.

The team turned to Sunbelt Rentals for two boom lifts, carefully mapping the machines’ paths for maximum installation ease. Two installers wrapped the lighthouse over the course of four days.

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