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Polytype America Introduces its NQ32 Printer

Also: the Jetrix 2030 UV flatbed and the Amaz-Ink line.

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Polytype America has introduced the NQ32 grand-format UV printer, a 3.2-meter combination flatbed/roll-to-roll machine. Featuring Dimatix Q-Class printheads, the machine offers grayscale capability (10- to 30-pL drop size), supports up to nine color channels (CMYKcm and additional colors, plus optional white), and boasts a top Production speed of 1500 sq ft/hr (3000 sq ft/hr in High Speed mode; faster speeds are available with the Warp Engine). Top visual resolution is 2400 dpi. The NQ32’s table measures 50 x 128 in.

The company also introduced the Jetrix 2030 UV flatbed, produced in conjunction with Ink Tec/Jetrix and targeted to first-time UV flatbed users. A 6.5 x 10-ft printer, the Jetrix 2030 features: a CMYKcm + optional white + primer; grayscale capabilities (14- to 42-pL drop size); visual resolution up to 1350 dpi; and a reverse vacuum system for handling heavy materials. Top speed is 592 sq ft/hr in Production mode (bi-directional). A roll option is available.

And Polytype showcased: the Amaz-Ink line of UV-cured, solvent, and eco-solvent inks, formulated to the company’s specifications; a partnership with Shuttlesworth Integrated Product Handling Solutions to design and construct feeding, conveyor, and stacking solutions compatible with Polytype printers; and a master distribution agreement with Innova Art and the latter company’s Jet Master Display Framing System.


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